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TouchStone Farm Honey

Honey is a powerful immune system booster.   It contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  Researchers have also discovered that honey contains antioxidants—which combat free radicals that can damage cells—as many antioxidants as spinach, apples, oranges or strawberries.  One or two teaspoons of pure raw honey per day provides relief for many people who have seasonal allergies.  The honey ought to be local or from an area that has plants, trees and weeds similar to those in your area and should not be pasteurized like the honey you buy in supermarkets.

Honey is an effective and safe expectorant. Keep some handy for those times when you have a nagging cough or tickle in the throat.  Keeping honey sticks or honey candy in your desk, bag or glove box can save your day without medication and drowsiness.  Professional SINGERS use these before performing in order to keep the throat clear.

Raw honey is freshly removed from the hive. Raw simply means nothing has been done to it, for example, that it has not been heated (above natural hive temperatures) or filtered (fine high pressure filtering),   Raw honey is extracted from the hive and bottled.  All the goodness gathered by the bees is left in raw honey, not filtered out and heated. Commercially produced honey you buy in the supermarket has been heated, filtered and pasteurized.

No!  Honey is the only food substance that never goes bad.  Raw honey crystallizes in about 2-4 months depending on honey variety and the temperature you store it at. So, time and cool storage temperature (less than 70 deg) for honey increases the rate of crystallization. Honey crystallizes quickly at less than 60 deg F.  You can sit the jar in hot water to liquefy if you prefer but there’s no reason not to eat it as is.

TouchStone Farm Honey

Honey 8oz  $6.50
Honey 1 lb $12
Honey 5 lb Special Order 2 weeks


Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen 2 oz $4
Bee Pollen 8 oz $16
Bee Pollen 1 lb  $30
Honey Candy: 20-piece bags for $4.00
Honey Sticks  bunch of 10  $4

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